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Hello there friends
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Below are the 18 most recent journal entries recorded in sfguy13's LiveJournal:

Friday, January 13th, 2006
6:31 pm
Ok im done updating this bullshit, it was a good laugh, i hope you stupid asses know i made this to make fun of all you livejournal users. But the cute club is pretty damn funny i have to admit, there are some characters on here. I do love you cuties though LMAO freaky deaky see ya cheeky!
Thursday, July 21st, 2005
6:28 pm
America? Beach?......Cutie Club?
Well, a new leaf has been turned over in the beautiful flower garden that is my life. What leaf is that you may ask? Well ya silly sally, IM BACK IN KLINGDINGEN AMERICA! You read correctly, I Daniel Cutiepie Sanford am back in the good ole U.S of A. And let me tell you it is great! I look around and i see no glum dreary german faces, instead i find myself amongst fellow cuties, crazy daisies, silly sallys and patsy pants. Boy oh boy chef boy-r-d is it wonderful. How about in celebration I tell you about my day today!!!!??? would you like that?? i sure hope so cause it is a good story! So strap in tight and get ready to be cutified! So here goes, Im at the beach with some cuties right? Whats that? What beach was i at? I was at Fort williams ya silly! So Im swimming in the water and i take a look around (you know how it is a quick inspection for some loving females with big round personalities) and what do i see? but a young seal! thats right, now believe it or not cause i sure didnt, this seal started to swim around me and follow me around as i swam. boy oh boy was it cute. Unfortunetly my vocabulary is inadequate to convey the cuteness of this seal, however, Ill do my best, it was brown and speckly and well just picture the cutest seal ever and there you go! So i made a new friend, i bet Servius and him would have really hit it off, Servius doesnt really mind the water that much either, i mean granted hes a catten but regardless he enjoys a good romp in the water if accompanied by the fellow sweeties. So that was my slaptactular experience, any of you cuties out there have some good stories to share? I would LOVE to read them!!!!!one!!!1
On to *business* (sorry i know business is boring so i spiced it up with so silly stars!!) So two crazy daisies by the names of Rachael and Stacey decided to leave me a message. They were wondering if this was a cutie club and if so, could they get in? Well i will say this right now, this is no club, but i do know a fellow cutie when i see one, and from what was written to me im under the impression that you two are. So you 2 can be the first members of the Cuite Club! !!!congrats!!! What a great idea!!!! Im so happy to find fellow cuties out there Im gonna go run outside in the sun and tell it to the blue birds and chipmunks because im sure they would L.O.v.E. to hear it! So you two cuties stay cool outa school and have fun in the sun. And by the way, how did you come across my humble little corner of livejournal? *teehee*
later babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday, July 11th, 2005
9:00 pm
Menacing Turmoil = non existant
German Cutie population: 2003:0 2004:1 today? 2 that is right the cutie population is up first it was just me but i was joined by fellow jolly ghs attendant and gorhamite, Steveo. We are basically being crazy daisies and having a good ole silly sally time. Went to hamburg and got a couple hotel rooms which were silly and basically relaxed with a few beers. We each had a beer that was .65 liters which is pretty d*mn sweet swatty and a big bottle to boot. welp Im off to the land of suds and showers so i can scrub my cute little tush clean. L8TER BABIES!!!one!!!!!1
Monday, June 20th, 2005
11:24 pm
It is true we named our children after towns we've never been to
Yet another 2 months have passed without me updating and oh what a two months it has been. Full of cuties booties and patooties, these past months have been fun indeed. Anything special happen? No. AnyONE special met? Yes. Yes indeedy doody I had the oppertunity to meet up with some cuties. On what occasion you ask? Well my fine fellow/fellowette I would be more than happy to let you know! So here I go. It turns out I had my "End Of Stay Camp" in Berlin, turns out all of the other exchange students in my organization were there as well, that is minus a few rotten apples who we were better off anyways. I never was a fan of camomeal. I know Kelsey and Danica are not either. Speaking of camomeal, I only like yeast in my bread, and any peddelers or venders carring it in concealed compartments should stay away from me and not just jump to conclusions that I myself am a baker and in need of it. Also they should not jump to conclusions such as that I am a spreader of plague, I leave that to the catholics. Speaking of catholics, lemme get back to the task at hand, I know you butter muffins are just dying to know what went down. Ill skip the talk about berlin the city and get right to the daffodils that I spent my time with. Lead off hitter is Johannes, aka titties2. Over all a cute specimen who happened to grow up in the town Im living in now, He gets major props for having a lovely example of cassic beauty as his significant other. Next up is Martina, stunning, I would liken her to chunky peanut butter. I love peanut butter, come on now Im an american exchange student Ive got to. Only thing was she had some heft to her. Granted to carried it well and was by no means a cow. She did have a scrumptious personality that were full and soft and smooth and round and uhh....yea... 3rd up is Danica a cutie beyond description with amazing eyes...yea they are something special indeed. Our clean up hitter is Kelsey, The clean up spot was a toss up between Danica and Kelsey but the clincher was definitely when I thought about who made out with which other AFS students. Yea then it was easy to see who deserved clean up position. There were many other cuties but Im not mentioning them cause I am tired of writing about people and they probably dont have livejournal, cept for malissa and my feelings are clear for her. So basically it was a wonderful time full of streaking, vodka, beer, shishas, stress with drunk germans who put up a front but when stood up to dont do a thing,  and silly sallys! (not necessarirly in that order) The silly sallys sure were extra silly this time around.  So that is all i feel like typing tonight, i probably wont update in a while but in the mean time stay cute, stay funny, stay cool, and most importlantly, stay gangsta.

That bouncy smiley face reminds me of sex, am i dirty?

Current Mood: bouncy
Thursday, April 28th, 2005
10:14 pm
Life is Cruel
Today I was faced with a very difficult situation, one which I came out of feeling less than cute, less than silly, and certainly heart broken. Here is what happened......Riding my bike home after a few hours in the gym, I am about 100 meters from my house, I see a small form dashing after me in the shadows as I pedal furiously along. Being the curious cutie that I am, I stopped of course to see what was up. Up struts a small little grey catten, I call it a catten due to the fact that it was not all kitten and not all cat, there for I coin the term catten unless someone can inform me as to what the proper name is. So anyways of course I was drawn to this catten and had to pet it, I noticed that it had no collar and so after 3 minutes or so i decided to pedal on. Amazingly the catten decides to run after me, and follows me back to the garage where I stop. The catten pulls up short and looks at me, I open the garage door and put my bike in and the catten decideds to investigate. I can't have this catten in the garage so I walk out and he follows me. I have decided to call the catten Servious, why? I'm not sure why but it suits him. Here is what I have to do, I have to dash into the garage and close the door before Servious can scamper in. I accomplish the deed and am deeply hurt that I was forced to do so. I stop in the entry way and peer out the window, Servious is not in sight, but wait, I hear the unmistakeable crying of a catten, one that could only be Servious. I cannot take this so I go to see Gertrude and talk to her about it, I am quite sad at this point, and really want to addopt Servious, she says that we need to give it a night to see if it goes away, and if it does not than we will do something about it. I am hoping I get to keep Servious or that he lives nearby so I can play with him at night when I am on my way back from the gym. Servious, if youre out there and gain internet access and learn how to read, please no that it is not my fault out brotherly bond that had not yet quite formed was broken. Blame it on circumstances and bad timing. My friend, I shall miss you.

Current Mood: blah
Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
8:08 am
Red breasted maquac
Well here is silly lil ole me updating my silly lil ole journal. Currently I am sitting in informatics class writing a program that will generate a some sort of weekly planning chart. I must admit this is not a cute work session, thus i am taking myself a well deserved break reserved for "Cuties only" of course i choose to share this "Cuties only" break with you! Why? because what good is a cuties only break with only one cutie? It's almost no good! So I thank you and hopefully you're thanking for me including you in my busy little life. Mayhaps you would like an update on my life? well if you do I would be more than happy to give it to you!.......Ok now i am done updating you on my life! an awful lot of sassy things sure have happened, don't ya think? Ok ok so pretty much nothing new has happened, I've pretty much just been dragging my feet for the past few months, scraping along one day at a time. Don't get me wrong there are good times shared with lovie dovies but let me tell you from one cutie to another, the german cuteness factor is barely registering on the chart. The level of cuteness i must say is "lukewarm" or "light blue" not very inspiring now is it? There are however, some cutie exchange students here, not really where i live but they are scattered around, and I will be seeing them in June during a little get together we will be having in Berlin. Unfortunetly this little event with be marred by the appearance of the most uncute, unsassy, unhappy, unfun-loving, unsilly, individual character ever MARTIN, I hate him. Now lemme tell you a little bit to let you know just how uncute he is. Black hair, glasses(they DON'T make him look cute TRUST me), chubby(not in a teddy bear way, in a gross way), and he is a *MAJOR* tool. Here is the cincher! He mows over flowers when he mows the lawn, this is not yet confirmed data, but I can tell by lookin at him. Some of you might know my dislike of him, and actions will be taken against him and certain plans are already in effect, one of which was kindly donated by one of the cutest of cuties, Steve Simpson. Thank you Steve for your contribution against uncuteness and this current manifestation in germany. The world will be a better place due to our efforts. Signing off for this week, I hope ya'll lovie dovies enjoyed this entry, and if you have any requests, don't hesitate to post them up and I'll do my best to comply!
toodles and boodles you silly poodles!!!!1!!!one!!!!!
<3.~*daniel*~.<3 kisses!

Current Mood: artistic
Monday, April 11th, 2005
7:08 pm
Moon beams and buttercups
Alright so i suppose I've got me some explaining to do, it might have been a couple months since I've been able to update this. *flutters eyelashes* how can i ever get you to forgive me? *slowly going down to my knees* Oh im already forgiven? i just knew you would have to forgive a cutie pie like me! *getting back up* So where to start? well i had an encounter with satans minions, aka afs hamburg, this is a group of decidedly uncute, unsilly, and unfun individuals. Satans Storm Troopers (or SST) as i like to call them have like all evil groups a mission statement. The Shredder had "Deafeat the ninja turtles" (never gonna happen bitch) Hitler had "Kill everyone capable of growing a full beard that makes a mockery of the mini inanimate catepillar on my upper lip" and now SST has "Ruin fun for cuties that are in the afs program" I would love to delve into detail about what these bitches did, but essential i almost had my super sweet all expenses trip to the Czech Republic canceled, and i have to write a couple essays. Essays are butterflies from hell reaping havok and causing highschoolers to decapitate themselves with butter knives. Yes, a small 26 year old man, balding, chubby, with classes, and an english vocabulary from 1998 due to the year he spent in america then, was the cause of all of this trouble, did i mention he is racist too? yea he hates french people. I suppose what really set him off was how Danica and I obliterated a child stool. For details ask danica Im sure she is listed as one of my friends. Chaos ensued naturally but being the sassy, resourceful individual that i am, i came through more or less, unscathed. Now i shall take a sentence or two to bitch, and if you are going to say i was bitching above, fuck you whore. !teehee! Yea I hate how when I go to a .com url generally if it is an international site it will pick up that my isp address is german, therefore they will translate the page into german for me fucking bastards, these are the type of people that when mowing the lawn mow over the wild flowers instead of going around them, god i hate these people. So love update, in my super fun gymnastics class there is a super sexy cutie pie, i think she is only 15 which sucks, but she is real hot with a stunning body, we'll see what comes of it, im allowed to go for that age am i? sphhh i dont care i just need someone as fun loving and into kittens as i am to spend some time with. Love update 2 there is a sexy pigeon that i see in the gym a lot Ive talked to her a few times, love seems like it could happen if i decide to pursue it, problem? working up the energy, why reach for a nice girl at the top of the tree when so many have fallen on the ground and could be much easier scooped up. im sure a whore. and when i say whore i mean cute bubbily sassy silly awesomely great person! yaaahooo! What else do i want to say? i dunno silly pie! Ill do my darndest not to let my updates become so infrequent againt, just drop me a line or message in a cute format with cute text and colors, and Ill jump to the situation. looking forward to some lovely comments from lovely dovie wuvies!

I love you cutie patooties!

Current Mood: bouncy
Thursday, February 17th, 2005
10:28 am
build me up butter cup baby
it must have been love, but its over now. teehee the love is never over silly! like oh mah gah! once love is over my life is over!!! There is like totally NO way i can live without the love that i feel all around me. so here is the pro*missed* update about how to make me madly in love with you!
1 be a brunette, i only fall in love with dark haired ladies! why? i dunno
2 have green eyes or like golden brown eyes, green eyes are so sexy, i love them
3 Be cute silly and a little bit sassy sassiness is hot!
3 dont be stupid because stupidity is not hot
4 dont be a drama queen because im not a king and wouldnt know what to do with one
5 dont be a little princess im not a little prince im wont do everything for you and i dont expect you to do everything for me.
6 be talkative and be a good conversationalist.
7 dont be a vulgar mulger because thats not really hot. unless if its funny like "shut up ya face licking fairy fuck" basically if it is a string of words with swears that does not make sense, i can deal with it because i do that shitamongerlikething all the time
8 be self sufficient i rely on myself you should rely on yourself not me because im unreliable
9 have a job im poor and cant pay for everything even if i wanted to
10 be affectionate i like kisses i like hugs and i like...well basically im like a woman when it comes to that kinda stuff teehee im *cute* what can i say?
11 buy me a rolex, i like rolexs and i need a watch so you know what? ill instantly fall in love with you if you buy me a rolex and do everything stated above.

welp thats about it my darling clementines! i hope yall cutie patooties enjoyed reading all that!
until next time be cute cool and cuddly!
Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
10:07 pm
patsy pants
OKie dokie folks! here is whats going down, I said i was going to do this update on something. BUT OOPSIE PANTS! That suck as Heckle doodle aint gonna be happening! Why? Because it is what is is son! so dealizzel with the shizzel. for reazzel. Sorry hunny buns i couldnt resist it! So what am i to write about? im kinda wondering how many cuties actually read this? like maybe 3 people? so im thinking that im going to say that i love Britt with a Y Fenton and yes she like totally my favorite gal out of gorham, there is *absolutely* no doubt about it! so thats that lovie doves ive gots no mores to say. Other than I love you like the tender flowers in my garden who i coax to life each year after winters icy grip! and on that note toodles!

Current Mood: youre a communist!
Monday, January 31st, 2005
6:52 pm
month later spater gator
Okie dokie pokies! Today I am officially declaring my "New Years Resolutions" Here is what some of you stinky doodles *MIGHT* be thinking ~numero uno~ "What is this little ducky thinking? You are totally a whole month late and thats just not fashionable!" or ~nummer zwei~ "New Years Resolutions are totally NOT cool this cool cat sure aint no cool cat hes more like a dumpster rat!" and finally ~number 3~ "Wow a month later? what a complete cutie!"
This i what i have to say to those thoughts, to numero uno, youre cute but you sure aint got a dingly doos idea whats going on here baby cakes! and 2 nummer zwei, all i have 2 say 2 you is, you know *EXACTLY* how i feel about farfignuten rats so dont be such a down trodden, sore footed, butterscotch lolly pop licker! Now I dont mean to sound mean because you cant be all bad since you like butterscotch lolly pops and i think i like them 2, BUT you need to stop being such a meanie pie! Trust me no one likes the taste of a meanie pie! and for thought number 3, you are a complete sweet heart and i love the way you think, you are open to new ideas and new things and if i find out who you are ima give you a great big bear hug to show you my appreciation! Ok but now its time for me to explain WHY im declaring my resolution(s) now well first off all on New Years eve I forgot to make New Years Resolutions, i had some sect and shots and Wa-HOW. AND it seems that i always forget what my New Years Resolutions are so if i write them down here people can comment to make sure i stay focused and basically just keep me on the right track! So i think that if i make my resolutions a month later then i will be able to keep them atleast a month longer, if yall cant dig it from that satz than yall best be checkin ya selves. So now to the good stuff the real meat, the actually Resolutions! Here goes nothing! Well the first one is to keep going to the gym and to try to get this flabby atrocity i call a body whipped and beaten into a thing of beauty so i can frolic peacefully amongst the butterflies bunnies and birdies this summer! I also want to make atleast 5 new friends and make as many people smile as i possibly can! If you have any suggestions for other endeavors i should undertake just post a friendly cute comment and lemme know ALSO if i make you smile or if you want to be my friend put up a post and show me how cute and silly you are! Well thats all i have for now, look for my next post where i will write about things that i think a super cute and about the true ways to make me fall in love with you. Until next time stay cute, stay silly, stay happy, and stay beautiful. I love you silly sallys!

Current Mood: wugga wugga woo!
Saturday, January 29th, 2005
4:59 pm
finally here i am like whoa!
listen up cuties! i am back oh yes i am and these new entries are like totally posted from around 5,000 miles away from where i live. yea i know i know, youre thinking "like how the h-e-double hockey stick is that possible. But lemme tell you hunny not only is it possible, but it's happening. Yea so Im like totally sorry for having this update like 5 farfignuten months after my last one, i guess i have some explaining to do!!! So here is what happened, in the choas of moving over to germany i FORGOT (thats right cuties I am NOT perfect sometimes i forget things) what my password was! yea i felt soooooo sooo soo dumb and mean and baddy bad bad. But luckily i remembered it today! so now i can make it up to you, my loving fans who wanted me to update this bad boy some more! So lemme think like so much crazy cool stuff has happened! i want to budapest to greece all of germany man on man the ladies are so friendly! I mean i meet new ones and we spend all night talking and playing boardgames and just being cute! So do any of you cuties have any cute questions for me? I would be more than happy to answer any and all questions you have! Just post up a comment! my lord my lord i have missed soooo much going on in gorham, well not really but my little brother who is the sweetest little guy in the world is actually dating a girl named Sara, how cute is that, i think it is just about the *cutest* thing i have ever heard! wow little brothers grow up so fast. Ok so here is what im doing now, i just bought a bottle of v*dka and some delightful characters are going to come over and were going to have a very social and very attractive gathering. does it make sense? no does it matter? not when your head is filled with cute bunnies and birdies and silly gum drops to take your mind off of stupid old boring everyday trivial occurrences! so Im sitting listening to jack johnson and before i was listening to counting crows and do you know what it reminded me off? it reminded me of a certain night when steveo brent and I messed up a portapotty and planted a mailbox at pine point! it also reminded me of how steve wheel barrowed me across a thing of water to get to dry land because i did not want to take my shoes off! oh cute is that? also reminds me of brent slipping on the rocks and cutting his wrist open, it was scary because he was bleeding and it almost stopped my heart but he just laughed it off like the cute ole guy he is. wait now that i think about it we did that kinda stuff almost every night. teehee how delightful! We had many a charming night driving to pine point at 4 or 3 or 5 or whatever time we wanted in the am and then just chillin or going to dennys and having the cops be there. or stealing brooms and being followed by cops. we had so many wonderful times it brings a tear to my eyes. *sniff* so this update, the first of the year 2005 is dedicated to the down bitches that had no fear to do anything in the early morning hours which we owned every damn night over the summer. And here is to many more night coming up this summer with me as an alcoholic! Shit i almost forgot about TONY TUESDAYS! my god what wonderful delightful silly times i love you fuckers!

Current Mood: bitchin
Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
12:35 am
FYI babes, that last update was inspired by the one and only Andrew Dresser who is cute and funny just like me. He has been there for me for like so long. I think i speak for all of us when i say that this is the most memorable comment we have had

"yes it is. teehee. birds and kittens are fun in summer"

<3hearts and kisses<3

He is such a cuties and knows just what being cute is all about that you Andy for being true and blue "Andy" can be rearranged to spell "Dany" so that just shows how kindred we are. Thanks again Andy this is all dedicated to you!!

12:25 am
good gracias gracious
like *wow* guys thats all i have to say here i am sitting putting music on my mp3 player *lmfao* and all i can think about is how much im going to miss all of you cuties!!!!! and thats no lie guys! I really really am, you all have been with me through cute tymes and Sh!tty tymes and i love you for that. i just dont know what the heckaloodle im gonna do without you! to my cuties SS AD CK BM AR KO JP BL MS JR KH WM CW NS TV BF and of course JZ (teehee) you cuties are the bestest greatest ever !BFFE! there is no doubt about it There are tUn of others out there that have been cute and fun this summer and i could not have made it without chall you make my lyf SUPER AWESOME. Ill see you in a year write call me e-mail me love me you know ill do that same for you babes! thats for being here for me huns! GOOD NIGHT CUTIES just remember be cool be fun and most importantly BE CUTE!!! CUTIES FOR LYF!!!

Current Mood: crushed!
Friday, August 20th, 2004
2:20 pm
wowza bowza
Wow guys omg Ive had a pretty crazy week doncha know! well lemme start with the ultra craziness that happened today!! Omg here is what happened lol i was in the basement digging a trench for a 10ft 4"dia plumbing pipe to go through the foundation for our addition thingy-doo. and i was doing it with a little hand garden tool cause it was tight conditions if ya know what i mean lol ;-0 the place where i was digging had tar paper covering it and i was laying down because YES it was THAT cramped!!!.!!!.!!! so here i was digging and i reach up to move some tar paper and when i did this i was like "uhhh why does this have a head" and then i looked at it and !!OMFG!! IT WAS A DEAD RAT. EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !GROSS! it was all dried out and mummified it was nasty pasty! but enough about that it makes me sick just thinking about it. !@2~Boy what a silly crazy nasty experience~2@!
So yea i so need to go shopping soon to get some new stlyish shirts maybe some shoes too i L-O-V-E shoes!!! but then again WHO THE HECK DOESN'T!!LMAO!! Well guys i think im gonna go try to find something productive to do i dont wanna sit around like a lazy daisy! <3 hugs and kisses <3

Current Mood: ;-)
Thursday, August 19th, 2004
12:36 pm
come on now silly heads!
Ok guys, I'm super sorry that I have not updated in a tiny while. You know i love all of you!!xoxo!! However, i have some outrageous news!! some one posted, anonymously i might add, that being cute and funny "isn't everything" well all i have to say to you is...Come on you silly sally! Don't you know anything???!!! it IS everything. I mean wtf? Now I am sorry if that came off as harsh but i just could not believe someone would say that!!!lol! On the other hand we had a great comment from *~~~andy~~~* who said "birds and kittens are fun in summer" this is sooooo true! thanks a bunch andy for your contribution i really appreciated it and i enjoyed reading it! You are clearly cute and fun just like me!! to anonymous: i hope you can be cute and funny cause you dont sound like you are! and to andy thanks again!!BFFL!!
Well thats all for today cuties! xoxo
.~*dan*~. ;-)

Current Mood: silly
Monday, August 16th, 2004
12:53 pm
Like wtf? Life is so cruel all i want is a girlfriend to cuddle with at night but i cant even have that. *sigh* i am so lonely. I wish people would understand how lonely i am and come to my rescue. I am a unique individual and i want to be heard. Enough of this shrouded in darkness sh*t i mean wtf? come on now! I am cute and funny and all that great stuff but no one seems to realize it. Like what the h*ll. Life is cruel and i just want to die

Current Mood: :-(
Sunday, August 15th, 2004
12:05 am
:-( people can be so cruel, all i try to do is be cute and funny and some rude people make comments that are just hurtful and whose sole purpose are to make me cry, well "anonymous" if you were trying to make me cry, mission complete, i hope you are happy. .~*dan*~.

Current Mood: depressed
Saturday, August 14th, 2004
11:11 am
Today the cutest thing happened!! you just wouldn't believe it! :-)hehe lol I mean i was working and this cute little girl came and got ice cream and she was so messy with it! it was soooooo cute! yay! Today we celebrated my dads birthday even though its like 7 days late LOL! thats so silly.!!.!.!! SO yea i am doing pretty super having lots of fun with nature i like to watch the cute chipmunks bound from limb to limb in the trees above me as i relax with a good book, thats what i mostly do these days LMAO! I hope lots of people read this and like it because i just want everyone to be happy and to like me!! have an awesome day just like i did everyone!

Current Mood: cute
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